Situation:Mary talks to her husband, John, over breakfast.

  • John: Good morning, dear.
  • Mary: Good morning, darling. Did you sleep well?
  • John: Yes, thanks. I slept like a log.
  • Mary: You’re just in time for breakfast.
  • John: Good. What are we having?
  • Mary: The usual. I hope you have a good appetite.
  • John: I always have an appetite like a bear in the morning.
  • Mary: Great. Here’s your coffee. Be careful! It’s piping hot.
  • John: Thanks. May I have some sugar?
  • Mary: It’s right in front of you, dear.
  • John: Oh, of course. How silly of me!
  • Mary: Have some toast. The milk is in the refrigerator. Help yourself.
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