Situation:Mary’s friend Rose dropped by early in the morning and joins Mary for breakfast.

  • Mary: What kind of cereal would you like, Rose?
  • Rose: What do you have?
  • Mary: We have Cheerios and cornflakes.
  • Rose: I’ll have cornflakes.
  • Mary: How would you like your eggs? Scrambled, as usual?
  • Rose: No, I think I’ll have a soft-boiled one for a change.
  • Mary: Good choice. I just made one. Here you are. I hope it’s not too hard.
  • Rose: I’m sure it’s just right. Could you pass me the salt shaker?
  • Mary: Here you are. Would you like some toast?
  • Rose: Sure. I’ll have two slices.
  • Mary: Would you like a cup of coffee?
  • Rose: Of course! Breakfast isn’t breakfast without coffee!
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