# vocabulary

序号 词汇 词性 解释
1 meal replacement n. 代餐
2 shed some pounds phr. 减肥
3 satiated adj. 饱足的
4 protein n. 蛋白质
5 fiber n. 纤维
6 vitamins n. 维生素
7 minerals n. 矿物质
8 nutrients n. 营养物质
9 unprocessed adj. 未被加工的
10 dropped v. 下降,降低

# dialog

💁‍♀️ Hey Kevin, what's that you're drinking there?


🧑 Oh this? It's my tasty meal replacement shake. Chocolate peanut butter. It tastes great!


💁‍♀️ Why are you drinking that? Trying to shed some pounds or something?


🧑 Yeah, it's part of this diet I'm on. I drink one of these every day instead of having lunch.


💁‍♀️ I guess that's one way to cut calories. But does it keep you satiated?


🧑 Yep, it's packed with protein and fiber, so it leaves me feeling full.


💁‍♀️ But aren't you missing out on essential vitamins and minerals by not eating solid food?


🧑 On the contrary, Gary. It's got all the nutrients I need.


💁‍♀️ I think I'd prefer a more traditional diet of unprocessed foods, but you do look slimmer.


🧑 Thanks, I've already dropped two pant sizes!


💁‍♀️ That's great. But I guess I'll have to invite someone else to brunch this weekend. Oh, well. Bon appetit!


# explanation

# On the contrary

This phrase is used to intensify a denial to what has just been implied or stated by suggesting that the opposite is the case.


"On the contrary" may serve as an opening phrase to a longer explanation, or it may stand on its own as an objection to a previous statement.

On the contrary(正相反,恰恰相反)可以用于一段较长解释的开头,这个短语本身也可以表达对之前陈述的反对。

Example sentences

  • There was no malice in her; on the contrary, she was very kind.


  • On the contrary, there was absolutely no wrongdoing.


  • The risk of default hasn't decreased. On the contrary, it has increased dramatically.


# culture

👉 3 things you need to know about meal replacement shakes

1. Meal replacement shakes aren't what you think they are.

Meal replacement shakes do contain ample amounts of protein and other nutrients your body needs, and they can help you lose some weight, when used right. That means you drink a nutrient-rich shake in replacement of one or two meals a day to help you cut your calorie intake. But they're not going to magically help you shed 50 pounds, they're not meant to be used to starve yourself and they're not protein shakes.

2. Successful meal replacement diets require more than drinking shakes.

You can't drink a shake, wait 10 minutes, step on the scale and expect to see that you've lost a couple pounds. If you really want to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise more than you currently are. Meal replacement shakes help with the first part. It keeps you full longer so you don't get the munchies before your next meal.

3. It's an easy, convenient diet to follow.

Meal replacement shake diet is pretty easy to follow that doesn't require calorie counting at every meal or reading every label of everything you cook with. Just replace one or two of your meals a day with a meal replacement shake, most choose breakfast or lunch, and then eat a healthy mid-afternoon snack and a balanced dinner.

Source: Nature's sunshine, "5 things you need to know about meal replacement shakes"