# vocabulary

序号 词汇 词性 解释
1 order v. 点菜
2 great adj. 非常好
3 would you like phr. 你想要...
4 drink v.
5 a glass of phr. 一杯...
6 I'd like phr. 我想要...
7 tomato n. 西红柿
8 customer n. 顾客

# dialog

💁‍♀️ Hi there! Are you ready to order?


🧑‍💼 Yes. I think I'm ready.


💁‍♀️ Great! Would you like anything to drink first?


🧑‍💼 Just a glass of water, please.


💁‍♀️ Sure. And what would you like to have today?


🧑‍💼 Ummm, I'd like the tomato soup, please.

嗯... 请给我来份番茄汤。

# explanation

# 用 I'd like 表达意愿

I'd like... 经常用来表达说话人的需要和意愿,比 I want... 更礼貌,I want.. 通常在小朋友或熟人之间用得比较多。

在使用时,可以用以下结构:I'd like + 名词


  • I'd like two tickets.
  • I'd like some potato chips.
  • I'd like the cheese burger.
  • I'd like a small cup of coffee.
  • I'd like a glass of orange juice, please.
  • I'd like to have a tomato salad.